me. “A lady▓, young, tall
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    yet this is● every-day, hum-drum, commercial New▓ York,” added another voice, one that▓ jarred upon my hearing like the scrapin●g of a contre-bass after a caden●za by the flute.She was leaning on ●the arm of a man.I was at the ver▓ge of being straightway jealous, when ▓I observed that his hair and beard were sno▓wy and that his face was wrinkled. W●e got into conversation without ceremony.Na●ture had introduced us.Our common appreciation▓ of the loveline

    ed it, tha
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    ss round about broke the i●ce and provided a topic for sp●eech.After her first impulsive uttera●nce, Veronika said little.But ●the old man was voluble, evidently glad of t▓he opportunity to

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    express his ideas to a new pe●rson.And I was more than glad● to listen, because while doing so▓ I could gaze upon her face to my heart’s cont▓ent. Something that I had said, in repl▓

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    y to a remark of his upon the singing of● the Ave, caused him to ask, “Ah, you und●erstand music You are a musician—yes”  癜I play the violin,” I answered. ▓ “Do you

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    hear, Veronika” he▓ cried.“Our friend plays the violin! My dea▓r sir, you must do us the favor● of playing for us before we part.● Do not be surprised—pay no heed

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    t▓o the formalities.Is not music a fr▓ee-masonry Come, you shall try your skil▓l upon an Amati.Such an eveni▓ng as this must have an appropriate ending.Co●me.” Without allowing me time to protest, ●had I been disposed to do so, he grasped● my arm and started off.He kept on talk▓ing as we marched along.I had no attention for● what he said.My mind was divided betwe●en delight at my good-fortune, a●nd query

    as to what its upsh●ot would be.We had not far to go.A few door●s to the west of First avenue he turne●d up a stoop.It was a modest apartment▓-house.We climbed to the top●most story and stood still in the dark while he ▓fumbled for a match.Then he l●ighted the gas and said, “Sit down.” The ●room was bare and cheerless.A chr●omo or two sufficed to decorate the walls.The ●furniture—a few chairs and ●a center-table—was stiff and shab

    by.The ▓carpet was threadbare. But● a piano occupied a corner; and the floor,● the table, and the chairs were ●littered thick with music.So● I felt at home.As I look back at that me●ager little parlor now, it is transformed into a● sanctuary.There the deepest▓ moments of two lives were spent.Yet▓ to-day strangers dwell in it; c●ome and go, laugh and chatter, eat, drink, an●d make merry between its walls,

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    such int▓ense beauty gives,”—meaning th
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    zing my ●face: “You are a Jew, are you not” he in●quired, in his quick, nervous way●. “Yes,” I said, “by bir●th.” “And by faith” “Well, I am no●t orthodox, not a zealot.” ● “Your name” “Neuman▓—Ernest Neuman.” “And mi▓ne, Tikulski—Baruch.You see we are of ▓one race—the race—the chosen race! Neith▓er am I orthodox.I keep Yom Kippur, t▓o be sure, but I have no conscientious

    scrup▓les against shell-fish, and indeed the ‘suc▓culent oyster’ is especially congenial t●o my palate.This,” with a wave of the hand t▓oward Veronika, “this is my niece, Miss P▓athzuol—P-a-t-h-z-u-o-1—pronounced Patchuol●—Hungarian name.Her mother was my sister.●” Veronika dropped a courtesy.He▓r eyes seemed to plead, “Do not laugh ●at my uncle.He is eccentric; but be c●haritable.” “Now, Veronika, show Mr.Neu▓man your

    music and find something that you ca▓n play together.I will go fetch the viol●in.” The old man left the room. ▓ “What will you play” asked Veronika.Her● voice quavered.She was timid, as indeed it w▓as natural she should be. “I d●on’t know,” I said, my own voice not● as firm as I could have wished. 癜What have you got” We commenced ▓at the top of a big pile of music● and had settled upon the